Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Jack Frost...We Need To Talk

Hey Jack,

It's over.  Flower's are starting to come out of the ground in my front yard.  Give it a rest.  You've got 15 days to get your stuff and move along.

P.S.  Tell the Groundhog I have some words for him.

You know when I absolutely adore winter?  December 1st - December 31st.  Cold, Snow, Coats, Scarves, Hot Cocoa, Salted Streets, Blankets, Triple Clothes Layering...I love all these things during that time.  

Not so much in March. 😂 

 I don't know if you can tell in these pictures, but that frosty glow around the edges is not a filter or edit I had to do...it's because it was was 9 degrees taking these photos...NINE. N.I.N.E.  And all that cold + sun + snow glare caused this beautiful chilly shot.

There is still beauty to be found in winter, so now that I'm done pouting about it I will try and enjoy it.  Here are some ways I do this...

This coat makes me really happy.  It brings me so many memories.  In college I worked at a Banana Republic Petite store in this uber fancy mall.  This black warm trench was a product of my hard work.  It is a beautiful classic piece that I can wear for a long time, even if it's not right off the press.  I bought it knowing that I would wear it when I was more of a 'woman'. 😂😂 Now I can laugh at how silly...but how right I was! Every time I put it on I remember that my younger self bought it for my adult self, and I smile that she knew me well...even back then.

My mother bought this scarf for me at a random store in our local mall.  I always cut the cloth tags off of my scarves, and I don't remember what exact store she got this from.  I love the tribal print (it brings a bit more fun to such a cold classic coat), as well as the colors.  Anything that has the lighter brown and black colors together makes me swoon.  Wearing brown and black makes me happy, I love the two colors side by side.

The sunglasses remind me of one of the fun adventure shopping trips with Austin.  We have a couple places we always go to, and one of these times I found these beautiful J.Crew sunglasses. The iridescent color of the lenses, tortoise shell frames outlined in gold. 😍 They were made with my heart in mind!  We always went to our shopping places in the spring and summer, so the majority of my best clothes are spring and summer wear.  Great things are to come with warmer weather, including some of my FAVORITES! 

I know this weather won't last much longer, and I will try my best not to make snide comments during the heat of summer!  

Tell me about your favorite coats and winter accessories!

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