Monday, February 17, 2020

Finding & Inspiring

Inspiration is my one motivation in life.  It's about the only thing that drives me to move, create, dream...anything that results in action.  Inspiration is something that can contain something so small, or even something not even tangible...but it connects to something deep inside of me, resulting in a change or even more a charge, a spark, a always causes a reaction that produces some of the most meaningful moments in my life.

If you know me at all, you know where I believe inspiration derives or begins.  "In the beginning, God" is the source of all inspiration we ever see or feel.  So this connection is much more important than a mere moment, it's an opportunity to meet with our Creator, and these moments He is reaching out to us for this, He Himself wants to share in this together.  So that we can know more of Who He Is, and in retrospect know more about ourselves.

I think that is what I love about Beauty.  It gives way to my creativity ever single time.  Beauty is so much more than 'art', it is the magic in the middle that links up from life to soul.  That's why if I'm not writing, I'm not okay.  Do you have those things in your life that when you come face to face with the spark, your next flinch of action is...."that makes me want to _______"?  It could be your own personal connection with God, just waiting to be unleashed, understood, and absorbed.  To me, that is writing.  Now, just like any kind of creativity, there are a gazillion ways to explore writing.  I write for myself, I always have.  To get my crazy deep emotions out of my body because they can easily wreak all sorts of havoc if kept inside.  I almost think that is part of how we are made.  The things that are deep inside need to get out, and if they don't...they turn dark and war explodes inside.  Almost like our own personal "Obscurus" (J.K Rowling fans understand what I just typed). 

If I am not taking time to be quiet and let myself get inspired, then my whole state of being is off the path, and I am not myself.  I am something far less, something on the emptier side.  Your close friends or loved ones will be able to tell.  My husband always can tell, and that is one of the most frustrating things!  haa haa!  He tells me my eyes are dead!  haa haa!  I laugh about it now, but he knows me more than I know myself because he loves me that deeply and that well.  When I am not okay, and he gives me that line about my eyes being devoid of life I get so angry, mainly because it's the reality that I haven't been seeking out my Creator because I haven't been taking him out of my life to pay attention to Him reaching out to me. 

If someone you are close to keeps telling you 'you are not the same as you were'...try to take some time out of your busy life and reflect on why they have come to this conclusion.  Maybe you are having your daily quiet time with God, and yet you are missing those connection moments.  Maybe it is the creativity you need to reconnect to that you use to have more of a handle on.  Search out when your 'best self' was and figure out what was in your life then that now is not.  At least, that is what I did.  It took some time, and I didn't figure it out right away. 

This morning, while reading the latest Magnolia Magazine, it hit me.  Reading such a well-written magazine, sitting on my couch, drinking my coffee, enjoying the quiet, while looking at toy cars on the rug while the rain gently tapped outside our beautiful living room reaction was..."I want to write...I need to write."  And here I am, feeling better than I have felt since the last time I journaled or typed. 

I use to not have anxiety.  I use to be anxiety-free.  You know why...I was constantly journaling and writing...I was constantly being inspired and recreating the beauty that I was moved by.  Bingo.  So, cheers to a day where I listened to God, and grabbed His Almighty Hand that as been reaching for me every moment of every day....the result?  A joy-filled jolt that has my soul singing....anxiety-free.

Today's assignment - take a moment to find the hand of Jesus, and meet Him for a moment or two..or more.

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