Monday, January 4, 2021


 Someone asked me if 2020 had to be a hashtag what would it be?  I’m sure everyone will have a different answer, and that is one thing I love about people.  For me…it would have to be #mulligan…and I don’t even golf.  Can we just pause and hit timeout and restart?  Just blow the whistle already, let’s take a breather and start over.  Mentally that is what my new years resolution is anyway.  I looked at last year’s, and I am literally doing them over again.  Taking off the one’s I’ve accomplished and added new ones along with those that didn’t even get touched because #2020.  

My Papa-Bear resolution affects a lot of things.  Ready…No Self Shopping.  Ugh!  Like a dagger to the heart!  I made a list of necessities, and that is the only kind of self-shopping I will be doing.  I did get a gift card for Christmas that I haven’t used yet, so I will have one last hooray.  

My Mama-Bear sized resolution is just as hard.  Eating healthy and exercising.  I’m adding the value of friendship to this one this year.  My best friend and I are doing it together, keeping each other accountable.  We made up a game to it and will have a points system with obvious rewards like a girl’s night or spa day.  I’m excited about it.  Snakin’ Momma WILL become Sexy Momma!  

The Baby-Bear resolutions are the most numerous and easily completed. They are more about self-care instead of hard self-altering goals.   Keeping my nails painted and self-tanner on point and blogging at least every 2 weeks.  Keeping the house tidy & organized (maybe a little harder).  Spending time with Jesus & journaling every day.  

I’m going to be honest because that is why I love blogging.  2020 wasn’t a bad year for my family.  It was actually a very good year.  Both my husband and I were able to get better jobs that pay us more.  We became closer than ever because we had a tough conversation about separating and came to the same conclusions.  Now because of that understanding, we can love each other better than before and have a deeper desire and confidence in one other.  We discovered a lot of things we still have in common and realized our goals and are now striving for them together.  Our son is a better person than he was a year ago thanks to increased family time.  I think 2021 will be a harder year than in 2020.  Not better or worse, but harder….and a different kind of hard.  Maybe not emotionally, but in a consistent-active-work kind of way.  I will have to work harder in 2021 on a lot of things that were simply easier in 2020.  

I learned more about myself – good & bad things of course.  I also was able to firm up on a lot of things I was on the fence about.  For example, I am more solid in my political views, am even more certain that I hate living in the Land of Lincoln, and convinced that I feel more myself with false lashes, self-tanned skin, and painted nails.  Bad things about myself…I am incredibly selfish, extremely prideful, and horribly lazy.

My selfishness stems from the fact that I simply do not care about others very well.  I don’t ask questions because I could care less.  Yikes.   That has to change.  To love others, you need to care about them, want to learn more about them, want to talk to them for no self-related reason.  I learned all this because I came face to face with people who are the same way, and the havoc of their words and actions affected others in a way that shook me.  I realized I had too much in common with the disgusting behavior and was humbled.

Good things I learned about myself – my skin is a warm tone; hence cool tones look terrible on me.  This was a huge discovery!  I love fashion and makeup and now I have a clear understanding of colors to wear.  I also found the perfect hair color and am praying that the manufactures never stop making it.   

I also learned random things like….

I hate the taste of Rum and love the taste of Gin.

Lunges are the key to better legs.

Not a total homebody like I thought I was

Silence is wisdom

Summer is my favorite season

And experiencing new things like…. Chili Mac.

Another thing I realized is that my blogs do not have to be perfect paragraphs of well-placed words and rhythmic sounding sentences.  They are thoughts that I need to write, that I need to share, that I need to publish.  

How about you?  Will you try again?  Was it a good year?  What did you learn?  

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