Thursday, February 28, 2019

Another Brand of Happiness

I do not remember a time when I was not a dreamer.  From my earliest memory, everything I saw had life and noises were full of wonder and mystery.  I was a weird child.  Luckily enough I did have amazing friends that tolerated my strange obsession with fantasy-thinking and loved me for who I was. (Thank you Krystle, Jenny G, Glo, Jenny B, Ashlee, and Kae)

Good thing about weird children is that they grow up to be eccentric adults.  Truth be told, we are just really fun know we are. 😂  There was a magic all around me, and I can still feel it today.  A feeling that starts in your chest and moves's a calm excitement that has phantom tingles as it travels.  I believe the words that have been circulating around recently are..."spark joy".

In my earlier post about our Minimalism transition, I talked about this a little bit.  You can read about it here.  I want to talk about what happens when all you wear, everyday, are things that create this feeling of joy.  An amazing thing happens...

You feel it.

It is another brand of happiness (a more expensive and well made version), and it shares space with confidence.  I believe this happens because you are connecting to artistic reflections of yourself, granted you've got to do a bit of soul searching at the beginning (hardest but most rewarding part).  There is more to this than just connecting to a article of clothing, its the creativity that helped design it, the skills that made it...a creative-designed-skill that connects you to its Beauty.  It's the same force that keeps us silent starting into each sunrise and sunset.  It's the same pull that draws us to stillness on each beach crashing with gentle waves.  I believe with everything that I am, this is an attribute of God that we are uniting to.  It's something that He wants us to remember about Him.  Like a thank you note that was sent to us, or a sign that leads us back to Himself.

With that said...imagine your life putting on something that genuinely sparks joy for you...everyday.  Think about how your days would start and end differently knowing that you would carry this feeling about you...All Day.  Realize that big things would happen from one small act.  That is why creating an environment around you that carries these 'joy-messages' to you actually changes your life because it transcends created things to the One that Created Everything.  💓

Now, enough of this deep speech.  I LOVE THIS SWEATER!  PomPoms spark joy for me, so do natural colors, and the color white.  Leather and blue jeans will always be a staple in my wardrobe.  Also, something you might not notice is that I do not own a top that has a sharp collar on it.  Those bring me the opposite of joy. 😂  I don't know why, I've never liked them. To be fair, I have cut the collar off of this I have on all of my sharp collared shirts.  I make them all mandarin collars.  True story.  Peter Pan collars are fine with me, I just don't own any.

Like I said...Eccentric.  😏

So...what are you waiting for?  Maybe take some time to go through your closet or home and evaluate the items that connect you to something/Someone much greater.  💗

Jeans and white button down are from H&M, sweater is from T.J. Maxx, belt from Banana Republic, watch band from Amazon.  

Tan MakeSense Foundation, Bronze BlushSense, Toasted Rose BlushSense, Copper Rose ShadowSense, Rustic Brown ShadowSense, Onyx ShadowSense, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense, Black LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara, Praline Rose LipSense, Red Glitter Gloss

📷 Iron & Oak

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