Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Vaca Style - Part Two

The only good thing about waiting 2 weeks to post is that looking at these pictures warms me up from the chilly winter weather we are currently enduring in the Midwest.  #TakeMeBack to the beach is all up in my brain, but these pictures are so special to me.  Not just the outfits 😉. 

Even though my closet is ¼ the size it was, I am still finding so many ways to wear items I already have!  It’s not a lie that I’ve got more spring/summer clothes than fall/winter but having the right sweater can much such a difference.  I can’t wait to continue to share all the different ways to wear a minimal closet!  So much fun! Let me know if you'd like to see certain outfits or styles!

This sweater was originally the only sweater I kept from our minimalism haul.  It’s from Aerie, and I’ve always loved the open neckline and the natural/oatmeal color that goes with black and jean well.  I was able to purchase some more sweaters at TJMaxx while I was on vacation, and I’m waiting for my Instagram feed to showcase these first before I blog about them @meekandwildbeauty .  I wore a simple white tank since the sweater has such open knits.  Shorts are Levi’s from Amazon which are currently the only jean shorts I own and will probably stay that way.  The cute sandals are from Charming Charlie and were a gift from my Daddy.  Austin isn’t such a huge fan of these sandals, but I love them. 

True story about this sleeveless top is that our friend literally texted Austin about it…they knew I would love it.  At our next trip to Target (which was probably that night) it was in our cart.  I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Austin TX (yet), but I love the name Austin, so I knew this needed to belong in my wardrobe.  This sweater is extra special to me, and I’m sorry to say isn’t available in stores because my Dad purchased this for my mother in 1985.  I have loved this sweater many years and love it even more because it was my mothers.  It’s a treasure of mine for sure!  These cute Converse shoes are from JCPenney, kid sized of course.  They are a complete staple in my closet.  I usually wear them without socks or at least no show socks…but I am notorious for not wearing socks.  Last but not least my favorite jeans from Loft…. you will see much more from Loft in posts to come!

You’ve seen this shirt before on my blog.  Man-O-Man I love this sleeveless shirt.  It’s so soft and feels like those tees that have been worn for 30 years.  Even with the high neckline I still love how it shows the outside of my collar bones.  Of course, the saying is about coffee…which I think is a love language of mine.  The sweater and watch band were Amazon finds.  This sweater was the only item of clothing that I kept that has a snag in it.  It’s on my elbow and an easy fix.  I am always bumping into everything (super clumsy) so it was inevitable.  I am loving Amazon more and more! Beautiful dark jeans from H&M that fit perfectly, and even have a bit of flair at the bottom.  Converse like the picture above are a kid’s size from JCPenney. 

Ryne loved the sand.  This was from the warmest day we were at the beach.  I just keep staring at these pictures hoping I can soak up some of these good vitamins and warmth.  Also, how cool is this starfish!  This was the first time I had seen one alive and well, and although I didn't have the courage to touch it I loved taking in the beauty of it.  Hoping spring is around the corner so we can get more outside time, but until then pictures will do just fine. 💖

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