Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Vacay Style - Part One

I tried to pack lite for vacation, but I still needed a duffel & overnight bag.  I tell you, it was the sweaters fault…you can’t ‘Marie Kondo’ those any smaller than what I had them.  😆  Oh, and I had a bag for shoes…because…duh.  I thought becoming a Minimalist would change me in a negative way toward style, but so far it has helped me become a better-more fashionable-me than before.  I never put outfits together in the past, and my whole vacation was centered around each item going with a specific piece…and I loved it.

While visiting my parents, they were gracious enough to watch our son while my husband Austin had a day-date (It was so fun!).  I am happy to report that I used my T.J.Maxx gift-card in full and only looked at price tags after I had chosen my favorites!  My husband found some items that I had overlooked, and once I tried them on…they were clearly winners.  I can’t wait to show them to you! EEEEEKKKK!  They are amazing! …but you’ll have to hold in suspense until then.

Other news…I’m still looking for the perfect open back sweater.  I got really close to finding one that I liked on Amazon, and then once I was ready to make the purchase, they became unavailable.  So!  It was not meant to be, but if I see them trending, I will be really mad.  So, we shall see. 😂😆

Here are a couple of family pictures. 😍  It was still pretty cool at the beach when we arrived, but we did have one warm day, and while Ryno was taking a nap Austin and I were able to soak up some Vitamin D (responsibly). 😎

Photograph by Iron & Oak

Austin + Rachel = Love 4Ever 

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