Thursday, February 14, 2019

New Kind of Valentine's Day

I thought of something while driving today.  My very wise, beautiful, hilarious, fun, and successful friend recently posted  her & her husbands’ thoughts about Valentine's Day.  She said “If your significant other is nice to you each day and treats you right on a daily basis, you shouldn't need a box of chocolates or a forced gift to make you feel special once a year. So if you don't get a card...diamond necklace....or over-sized stuffed animal tomorrow, don't feel like you aren't loved.”

Their business is amazing btw (this is not an affiliated ad or anything like that)…you should check it out and follow them: Spruce Homes

That got me thinking (because I love Valentines Day) what is a the best way to show love on Valentine's Day?  

Commitment…that is a better way to show love.
Daily ins and outs of selflessness…that is a better way to show love. 
Doing something that your partner likes (even if you don’t) everyday…that is a better way to show love. 

So, I decided each year I’m going to make a new commitment to Austin.  Something small, something attainable, something that will truly make him happy and make him know that I love him every day…not just on Valentine's Day.

I can easily write, so a post on social media that has me gushing on and on tells my husband I can write well sometimes.  😂  Action that goes with these words is something he can stand on, something he can remember, something he can treasure. 

Don't get me wrong, we still gave gifts...kinda-sorta.   When we were grocery shopping last night at Aldi's, I received my favorite 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bars and he received his favorite Carmel Coconut Fudge Cookies. 🍫🍪💕  I wanted to share some older pictures (2011-2016) that I keep on my phone because I seriously love them! Our love story is so amazing, and these pictures just help me remember it.

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