Monday, February 25, 2019

Separating Self from Stuff

My husband and I were recently having a long in-depth conversation about life (which I love talking to him 😍 in such ways), and I was asked… "who do you want to be”.  I knew I had more issues when all that came to mind were things I felt I wanted, or maybe what I wanted to look like. I had a mental social media feed of everyone else and what they have. That's a problem.

Being the processor I am, it took a couple of days for me to come up with something real and tangible. 

Then when I wrote down what that looked like, I realized that I didn’t have one-single-physical look, but that these qualities would mirror my style, they would reflect on what I gravitated toward, but they were not a single item or look.  I felt more freed from this exercise, and more able to make style choices knowing these were what I wanted, this is what I wanted to imitate.

  • Lead by Jesus/Submitted to God
  • Natural/Real/Honest/Meek
  • Kind/Encouraging/Happy/Loving
  • Emotional/Artistic/Deep/Creative
  • Wise/Discerning/Understanding/Relatable/Helpful
  • Beautiful/Comfortable/Confident
  • Warm/Full of Light & Life/Reflect Creation/Wild

When I looked at my closet, makeup, bedding, decor, books, and such…it now made since and each piece fit closer to me than it had before.  Style comes from Self…self should not come from your style.  Maybe take time to write down who you want to be, then look at what you love and see how it all makes sense…think about donating the things that do not belong or that don’t make you happy.

I start to lose myself when I focus on style, clothes, makeup, ‘things’, and not start with self.   It looks like this… I am scrolling social media and I see a person or company that captures my attention and appears to have so much going for them, and in such a beautifully documented way!  I attach their style to who I want to be because of the beauty they have displayed.  I start yearning for their beauty-life for myself, instead of seeing the beauty they have reflected, admiring it, and be inspired by it instead of wanting to become it.  Don’t be afraid to produce your own personal beauty through being inspired by someone else’s.  Take courage, work hard, and create your own Beauty through the stimulation of your social media feed.  Can you image how much greater our feed will become if we take in the beauty that we see and create our own personal version?

📷 by Iron & Oak 

Sweater from Simply Southern - Leggings & Glove/s from Target - Hat from C.C. Beanie - Boots are Vintage 1970s Thom McAn - Bag is Vintage Gun Club Sportswear 

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