Monday, April 9, 2018

When Mondays Suck

When Mondays Suck – God May Send a Spring Snow

I was praying about what to write this morning.  Last night we got snow, I don’t know 2-3 inches maybe…btw it’s April.  I jumped back on the scale this morning and realized that the pounds I lost I had gained back, plus a couple more.  I was 15 mins late to work this morning because it took me over an hour to get ready (Austin already took Ryne to the sitter’s during that time, so it was just me).  Trust me when I said, I could go on…but I really don’t want to. 

On my way to work, I realized that this springtime snow was the most beautiful snow we have had all season.  It stuck to each budding tree limb and flowering bush.  The green new grass barely poking through the billowing soft white.  It was truly a beautiful sight…and God gave me an opportunity to start again.

Spring is about renewal, and for me, it’s a time to re-start whatever in my life I have let go into chaos.  Like my time management, health, and any good goal I tried setting for myself. Haa!  This spring snow felt like Jesus was telling me…it’s still winter, you’ve got another chance to start your spring again.  So, I am taking it, and running with it.

My Monday Mindset turned from anger, frustration, and beating myself up to peace, joy, excitement, and giving myself grace along with a healthy dose of thank you Jesus “let's do this!”.  

What is your current Spring Snow?  Let me tell you a secret…it's beautiful, and it was sent to you for a specific reason.  Your first task is to be open to see the beauty, accept the Hope that Jesus sent to you through it, and live through the Joy that is within it.

Your Monday Mindset could change everything <3 

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